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Data Protection for

The Data Protection Act is designed to protect the privacy of individuals. 
It requires any personal information about an individual to be processed securely and confidentially. In a school, this includes information relating to both staff and pupils. It is part of your legal duty to obtain, store, share, or use personal data in the education of pupils, it’s crucial that you do so securely, as personal data is sensitive and private. Everyone, adults and children alike, has the right to know what information is held about them who it is shared with and to feel confident that your school is protecting it.

What is a DPO?

It is a legal requirement to have a DPO, to avoid a conflict of interest its best to use someone who doesn’t process any data within your school.

DPO Essentials for Schools

  • Tools, guidance and flow charts to allow the review of your schools GDPR compliance and RAG analysis.


  • Spreadsheets and documents to allow the creation of a full data map.


  • Staff awareness training material and record sheets.


  • DPO advice and guidance available as and when needed via telephone and email.
  • Advice and help in processing documentation in support of data breaches and SAR’s.


  • The primary contact for the ICO.


  • Direct line to your named DPO.


Working with schools and MAT’s we have completed many compliance audits and our work verified by the ICO.

Acting as DPO for many schools and MAT’s.


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